Human Responsibility Playbook

A pessimistic view of how people tend to handle the big issues in life:

  1. That problem doesn't exist.
  2. Even if it does exist, it's not a big problem.
  3. Even if it is a big problem, it will fix itself.
  4. Even if it won't fix itself, it's too late to do anything.
  5. Even if it's not too late, it's not my problem.
  6. Even if it is my problem, I personally don't have to act.
  7. Even if I do personally have to act, I can half ass it.
  8. Even if I can't half ass it, my actions don't really matter.
  9. Even if my actions do really matter, nobody else is helping.
  10. Even if others are helping, it's too few to make a difference.
  11. There's enough to make a difference?
  12. Then what's the big deal?