Google Calendar Webcal/iCal URL

I know this is niche given the state of web manoralism, but I recently found a public Google calendar widget that I wanted to subscribe to in my preferred calendar application. This isn't the calendar I wanted to subscribe to, but it does make a typical example:

To get a webcal feed for it, you need to get the URL of the iframe or network request. You can find this in the developer tools in either the inspector or network tab. If you want to, try it here on this page to get the hang of it. It'll be something like… or….

You need the calendar name (often in the form of an email address). It's the value of the src= query parameter or the path between the calendars and events sections. It'll probably be URL encoded. Something like You then need to place that into the *** section of the URL:***/public/basic.ics

Bonus: YouTube RSS Feeds

As a bonus factoid I don't want to create a separate post for, you can get a YouTube channel RSS feed from the URL:***

In this case, *** is the channel ID (something like UC*******…). You can get a channel ID by viewing the page source and searching around for channelId (at least for now). I'll update this if I notice either of these stop working.

You can also subscribe to playlists replacing *** with the playlist ID like PL*******…:***